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We aim to deliver competitive performance through
disciplined strategy based on clear investment philosophy

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대표사진1 CEO KunYung Park


대표사진2 CEO SeongYeob Song

Investment philosophy of asset manager reflects the fundamental views on equities.
We have confidence that it's the only way of giving trust to clients and reliably increasing their asset in the long term
to keep manager's investment philosophy firmly.  

Founded in 2009, We have been focusing our efforts in achieving competitive performance that clients could predict
through disciplined strategy and clear investment philosophy. We believe stock price is the function of company's profit.
In this perspective, hallmark of our money management style has been a commitment to fundamental in-depth research.
We apply this principle to all our asset management disciplines.

Major shareholders of Brain consist of CEO and its staffs. This unique corporate governance is the key factor for sustaining own investment philosophy at all time. Also, through constant education, all members share and implement the same principle and corporate culture.

We are proud of growing as one of the leading asset manager and product developer for institutional investors and
high-net-worth individuals. We are always working hard to sustain and enhance what we deliver to our various clients who rely on us.

Thank you for your interest in Brain Asset Management and for visiting our website.
We look forward to collaborate in various sectors with you soon.


CEO KunYung Park

CEO SeongYeob Song

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